Solatube: From Cave to Comfort

A personal view regarding Solatube

When it came time to add some light into a log home that was built in the 80’s (let’s face it- it was like living in a cave most of the time) calling Solatube was a win-win.  The home was a kit the original owners built in the country.  Great location, very homey.  After a year or so, we realized a window size was a problem and it lacked natural light in the daytime. Short of painting the interior logs white to bring in more light, or doubling the size of all the windows, there was little we thought could be done to improve the situation.

The previous owner tried to bring in more natural light.  They had a skylight with a frosted plastic dome in the loft.  If it was clear at any time during its life, that time had come and gone.  Much like the covers on car headlights, it was dull, foggy and light struggled to make its way through the dingy plastic damaged by UV light and the elements.  At this point it served no purpose except to be a source of leaks.  No great amount of natural light really came through, and it was, (to put it nicely) ugly.

And then came Solatube

When it came time for a new roof (metal) the skylight was pulled, and roofed over.  And Solatube (cue angels for a chorus of “Hallelujah”) was installed.  Total transformation.  A smaller tube was installed in the loft, which lit up the whole space with amazing light.  Two of the larger tubes were installed elsewhere: one in the dining room, one in the great room.

Solatube before and after

The Solatube difference

It took some getting used to. We kept trying to turn off lights during the day because it lit those areas so well.  Sneaky little dust bunnies were discovered running around the rooms and hiding in corners . (now forced to clean more often)

The cave feeling evaporated.  On a night with a full moon and a clear sky: the ambiant light is fantastic.

You should purchase the prism diffusers. They are attractive and rainbows dance across the room during the day, which you won’t  mind in the least.  No heat enters in the space like the skylight area.  No loss of heat during the winter either.

So, if you are contemplating a little more light: go for it!  Solatube: you will love them!

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Energy Star : A Great Choice in LED bulbs

Why should I choose ENERGY STAR certified LED lighting products?

LEDs, or light–emitting diodes, are semiconductor devices that produce visible light when an electrical current passed through them. LEDs are a type of Solid State Lighting (SSL), as are organic light–emitting diodes (OLEDs) and light–emitting polymers (LEPs).There are more lighting choices available now than ever before. Even with all the new choices, it’s still simple – look for the ENERGY STAR label. Itmeans high quality and performance, particularly in the following areas:

Color Quality, Light Output, Light distribution, Guidelines

Energy Star rates 6 different requirements for color to ensure quality up front and over time.  It also considers light output minimums to ensure you get enough light.  Light distribution requirements are in place to ensure the light goes where you need it.  The guidelines for equivalency is in place to take the guess-work out of replacement.


Peace of mind

The Energy Star has an established reputation with consumers. Verified compliance with more than 20 separate industry standards and procedures are a given.

Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy promoting money savings and the protection of the environment through the use of energy efficient products and practices

Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy promoting money savings and the protection of the environment through the use of energy efficient products and practices

Long term testing to back up lifetime claims, including testing to stress the products in operating environments similar to how you will use the product in your home or business.

Not to mention the 3 year minimum warranty requirement

And as all ENERGY STAR products, products are subject to random testing every year to ensure they continue to meet the ES requirements.  Consumers win every time, not to mention the fact that they can easily recognize a sign regarded as trustworthy.

PES Lighting and Supply carries  ENERGY STAR certified light bulbs and fixtures.

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LED Lighting : Difference You Can See

Have you been driving at night lately and noticed a vehicle next to you with headlights that clearly lit up the road ahead?  Most likely you are seeing LED headlamps!

LED vs Xenon vs Halogen

LED vs Xenon vs Halogen

Remarkable right?

Take that thought and imagine how well LED can light up an outdoor tennis court, basketball court, baseball field, parking lot or other outdoor area where the ability to see everything easily is enhanced by the simple use of LED technology.

PES Lighting and Supply has that technology available for projects that require more than just simple in home use.

Lighting for large areas

We’ve got the big dogs.  The lights that make a business parking lot safer, a play field or court accessible after dark.  The lights that brighten the space, but don’t blind you.

A car lot before after LED

Automobile dealers love our lights.   Mall owners love our lights.  Business owners love our lights.  Underground parking areas are safer.  Warehouses are well lit.  Stores have lighting that allows you to see all the items on every shelf.


And the energy savings?  Fifty to ninety percent!

Are we talking a no brainer here?

Fluorescent vs LED

Don’t you cringe when you are in a room with fluorescent tube lights?  Waiting for them to turn on, or the fact that they don’t maintain a full bright light over time. The more you switch them on and off, the quicker they die on you.  What about the flickering, not to mention the ultra violet light or the fact that they contain mercury and are bad for the environment?  Please don’t ask us to use these in a cold or hot area because fluorescent bulbs are sensitive to temperatures and if you want to dim them, well forget about it.  The light is non-directional: the whole bulb lights up.  But wait! When it’s in the ceiling you are only really needing light from half of it therefore the rest of the light is just lighting the back side of the fixture.  That’s a waste.  But the worst thing of all: the sound.  That background buzzing noise, as though a small hive of angry hornets are ready to attack.  You know what we’re talking about here.

warehouse before & after

Before & After . Fluorescent lighting                                         LED lighting

With LED tubes none of that exists.

Kelvin Color

What color  works best in the application?  You pick the color you want because the scale goes from a warm glow to an ultra white/blue and everywhere in between. Perhaps its candlelight or natural daylight maybe even klieg like lighting with 10,000K.  The choice is yours.

Color temp chart LED Lights

LED  Color Temp Chart  (Kelvin)

LED lights also last a long time 50,000 hours and they cost very little to use.

The savings on energy bills alone are amazing.  Many businesses can actually “de-lamp” or use only 1 or 2 LED tubes where 2, 3 or 4 were in the fixture before.

And then there is this: No noise.  Just blissful quiet operation.

The direction of the light from LED tubes are where they need to be: in the direction the light is needed.  That means no waste.

The cost of energy is lower too.  The wattage is lower and an LED bulb is more efficient.

Let’s recap:

Better light

Less cost to operate

Safe for the environment

No noise

No wasted light

More efficient

Longer lasting


Pick up the phone  Call us: 704 545-0815

or email us:

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EV Solar Carport Leads the Charge

solar EV station

A solar charging station that can be used at home. This one is also being used within and eco-friendly rest stop.

At P.E.S. we have been installing chargers for Electric Vehicles also known as an EV for over a decade at dealerships and homes.  It’s hard to believe EVs have been in use that long, but they have and eco-friendly electric cars are available from nearly every manufacturer.

New Technology for EV

There is new and exciting technology in the form of a tiny chip on the horizon.  It promises to extend the running distance of your electric vehicle.  It’s the news everyone has been waiting for therefore now it’s time to step it up a notch.  Add a Solar Carport and you will really Drive Green!

Have you noticed the solar carports are showing up at businesses and homes all over the country?   A simple carport canopy is the perfect spot to add Photovoltaics (PV) panels.  PV converts solar energy into direct current electricity by using semiconducting materials.  Those materials exhibit the photovoltaic effect.  The photovoltaic system employs solar panels (composed of a number of solar cells) to supply usable solar power.

Cities and Municipalities are Charging up for EV

Cities and municipalities are beginning to understand the savings that come with providing an EV for their employees.  Mere charging stations are great but many are also investing in PV solar panels.

EV Carport

Automobile Dealers and EV

Automobile dealerships have also realized the advantage of solar carports for their EV products.  More EV’s are showing up on the lots every day.

Shopping malls are upgrading their lighting to energy saving LED lighting and adding EV charge stations for their customers’ convenience.

P.E.S. not only will help you design a solar carport,  in addition we can also install it and the charging station!

Imagine the freedom of no cost energy for your vehicle.  With a Solar carport and charging station for your EV – reality is just around the corner.

Whether it is for one vehicle or a complete fleet, call us today!  704-545-0815.

Serving the Southeast for over 30 years


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Solar: Future is bright-wear shades


Solar: a great idea : tax credits available for business now

Solar: the future is now with tax credits available for business

If you have not been thinking “Solar” : Why not?  This is the most important thing you can do for your business or home. It will save you money now and in the future.

P.E.S. has been on the cutting edge of Solar technology and installation for nearly 20 years.   Now is the time for you to capture the sun’s power and have it work for you.

You may have noticed solar panels popping on on businesses and even more often, on homes.  Not surprising!  As the cost of electricity continues to rise businesses and homeowners alike are looking at ways to cut down on overhead costs.  Many are also contemplating on how they can leave a smaller carbon footprint.  Installing Solar is just one of the ways to do both.

Solar carports with EV charging stations are being installed in business parking areas and at homes.  The future is now.

Tax Benefits for Business

And right now is the perfect time for a business to take advantage of tax credits available through the Federal government.  The Federal government has a Corporate tax credit that is GREAT for business owners. has more information on The Consolidated Appropriations Act, signed in December 2015.  It included several amendments to this credit which apply to solar technologies and PTC-eligible technologies. Notably, the expiration date for these technologies was extended, with a gradual step down of the credits between 2019 and 2022.

Right now, PV, Solar Water Heating, Solar Space Heating / Cooling, Solar Process Heat all are eligible for a 30% tax credit for business through 2019.

Solar Technologies that are eligible includes equipment that uses solar energy to generate electricity, to heat or cool (or provide hot water for use in) a structure, or to provide solar process heat. Hybrid solar lighting systems, which use solar energy to illuminate the inside of a structure using fiber-optic distributed sunlight, are eligible. Passive solar systems and solar pool-heating systems are not eligible.

More info is available here : Business Energy Investment Tax Credit

Solar Energy does work for you.  It will make a much more attractive bottom line in the future.  Finding out how much you can save and how well this fits your business plan is easy: Just call us today for a site evaluation.  P.E.S.  can help your business now.   Let the savings begin!



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