Solar Car Ports

Solar Carports turn parking lots & vacant property into energy producing assets.

Energy Freedom offers a flexible, simple and affordable solution for solar racking for use as solar carports or ground mount arrays. At Energy-Freedom we provide custom design capabilities along with fabrication and nationwide installation services of solar carports. Our experienced field crews offer turnkey installation service of solar carports with footings, steel erection and PV panel installation.

Solar Carports System Benefits:

  • Durable – heavy duty all steel construction designed to meet or exceed all snow, wind and seismic loads required by local codes
  • Corrosion Resistant- all galvanized steel frame (optional)
  • Flexible – compatible with all solar panels and is easily customized for site specific needs
  • Affordable – we offer a more economical alternative to the current aluminum extrusion systems on the market
  • Fast – our efficient design means faster installation times
  • Virtually Maintenance Free

What factors do you need to consider when analyzing whether a Solar Carport is right for your facility? Energy Freedom is a developer for solar carports on parking lots.  We will help you engineer, and finance a solution.  One of our first steps is to ensure all parties involved get a strong return on investment.  Here are just a few of the key variables calculated when we conduct a financial analysis of your solar carport development.


Key factors to start with include:
 System Size:
 Car Spaces Covered:
 No. Solar Panels / Rating
 Capacity:
 Useful Life:
 Utility Costs Avoided:

Our spreadsheet will also analyze:
 Yearly energy usage
 Original system size
 RECs allowed/yr.
 % of energy from Solar
 Scalability
We also want our clients to understand what Utility costs are avoided; this can work into the millions of dollars over a 20-year span. Other incentives to calculate include:

 SEC 1603 Investment Tax Credit
 Energy Produced
 CO2 Emissions Saved
 Equivalent Trees Planted
 Equivalent Auto Miles Avoided

We have also found intangibles such as employees come to work earlier to get a spot under the carport.

Also at the parking lot level we are starting to add Solar Street lighting. Regular parking lights on average cost $3,500 per light plus cost of trenching and wiring at $60 per foot- With ITC credits our clients are now reviewing the financials to use solar light posts instead, as the prices are comparable.  If you are interested in an analysis of 

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